How did Lara survive this without a broken back!? (Tomb Raider III, 1998) - Nevada

How did Lara survive this without a broken back!? (Tomb Raider III, 1998) - Nevada

Tomb Raider Classic Quiz - Closest Entry

Hey everyone!

A few days ago we posted a quick Tomb Raider Quiz just for a bit of fun, and we can announce that there were actually 0 correct entries! (Very surprised to be honest) but the closest to getting all 5 correct was 'nineties-pixels' who got 4/5.

Here were the correct answers:

1 = Temple Ruins (TR3)

2 = Sinking Submarine (TR5)

3 = Tomb of Qualopec (TR1)

4 = Jungle (TR3)

5 = 40 Fathoms (TR2)

Shout out to 'nineties-pixels' for getting closest!

We may do more quizzes if we get more followers or more responses but the response rate was pretty low for this one so either people cannot be bothers, or there are way fewer ‘true’ fans than we thought ;)

Have a nice day!

Tomb Raider Classic Quiz

Hi Tomb Raiders!

Quick picture based quiz to see if you really are real fans!

Look at the in-game screencap and name both the Tomb Raider game and the exact level name the picture shows. e.g. ‘Tomb Raider II, Venice’.

Some are easy and some are difficult.

Send us your answers by reblogging this post with the answers!

Winners will be announced on the 2nd of August at around 6pm (BST) -

Sorry, no prizes, but when the winner is revealed, we’ll give you a shoutout and a follow, but really this is just a bit of fun!


Here we go.

1. image



3. image

4. image

5. image

Good luck!

Tomb Raider IV, ‘fan-imation’ #voncroy

Tomb Raider IV, ‘fan-imation’ #voncroy


Lara’s Evolution: In-Game Comparison 1996 - 2013

A welcome shot of nostalgia to start the day. That music…

Every level in screen caps (Tomb Raider II, 1997)